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How to Stay Healthy When Traveling with Kids

August 14, 2020

Here’s a list of helpful hints to stay healthy when traveling with kids

Let’s face it; kids are walking Petri dishes! No matter where they go it’s a constant battle of keeping little fingers off of everything and out of their mouths. Now, more than ever, parents are ultra-cautious when it comes to germs.

Coming down with the cold, flu, or other illness can really put a damper on travels; we know our families want to take advantage of every moment possible when exploring Miami County.

Whether you are in town for a weekend or a day trip, we’ve put together a list of helpful hints to stay healthy when traveling with your kids.

Staying Healthy While Traveling with Kids

1. Keep your hands clean.

After each touching doorknobs, visiting restrooms, or before eating, always wash or sanitize hands.

Many of our museums, festivals, and community areas have hand washing and sanitizing stations available to everyone. Still, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of hand sanitizer wipes or gel to clean hands in a pinch.

Travel packs of antibacterial wipes are a parent’s best friend when traveling with kids. These are easy to pack in your bag and great for wiping down airplane tray tables, armrests, hotel room remotes, and light switches.

2. Make healthy food choices.

What you put in is what you get out! It’s easy to take advantage of all the delicious snacks and eats around Miami County. And we have plenty of options to indulge!

While a splurge is necessary on vacation, make sure you are also choosing meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and high-fiber foods, so your body remains fueled and ready for adventure.

Keeping simple snacks on-hand will prevent tummy troubles and keep the energy up for all the activities you have planned.

Consider packing a few healthy options for kids that can be tossed in a day pack like apples, oranges, or granola.

3. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle.

Staying hydrated is essential to preventing health issues when traveling with kids, especially if physical activity is on the itinerary.

There are several places to “fill up” along our hiking and biking trails; but any of our local restaurants would be happy to top everyone off after a good meal.

Keep in mind that flying, traveling at high altitudes, or drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to dehydration, so make sure you and the kiddos are drinking plenty of water.

If the kids are opposed to water, other hydrating drinks like coconut water, sports drinks, or electrolyte-infused beverages are also great options.

4. Listen to your body.

When your body tells you to slow down, drink more water, or eat, listen, and encourage your kids to do the same.

Packing too many activities into one trip can lead to meltdowns from over-tired little ones. Take your time to enjoy what our community has to offer by adding one or two activities to the schedule each day. Anything more is a bonus!

Remember, allow for plenty of time for snacks, lunches, and small breaks to relax in the shade or take a cat nap after a picnic. It’s a vacation, after all!

5. Pack precautionary medications.

Feeling under-the-weather on vacation is never fun, but being prepared will ease any anxiety you may experience; especially when traveling with kids.

Avoid midnight runs to the drug store by keeping medications for allergies, upset stomach, stuffy noses, and motion-sickness handy. Many of these medications can be purchased in travel-sized packs, so you aren’t loaded down with an entire medicine cabinet.

Of course, required medications like EpiPens should always make the packing list!

6. Travel with face masks.

Always be prepared to visit any shop, restaurant, museum, or fun spot in the community by making sure each family member has a face covering.

With the current state mandates in place, having your face masks ready will ensure the opportunity to enjoy all of your planned activities while in Miami County.

Save these tips for your next trip to Miami County. For more information on local attractions and upcoming events, contact Miami County Visitors & Convention Bureau today.