TikTok Influencer Sir Yacht Visits Miami County

July 21, 2021

For those of you who aren’t familiar with TikTok, it is a social media platform that allows users to upload 60-second videos for their followers to see.

We, at the the Miami County Visitors Bureau, had the pleasure to spend time with Joey (aka Sir Yacht on TikTok) and his girlfriend Paige and show them around our lovely and vibrant county! Here’s a breakdown of what his itinerary consisted of:

Day 1

Stop 1: Agave & Rye
We kicked off our 24-hours with Sir Yacht at Agave & Rye. We knew their funky and fun atmosphere was right up his alley. He had a hard time narrowing down his choices since they all are unique (and delicious).

Stop 2: Walk through Downtown Troy
After lunch we took them around our beautiful downtown Troy. Some of the stops included Haren’s Market, Grandpa Joe’s, 3 Weird Sisters and Pachamama. We also stopped into the Troy Rec so he could meet some fans and, of course, for a photo op.

Stop 2: WACO Air Museum
We were really excited to bring him to the WACO Air Museum. We set him and Paige up to fly in Sunny, WACO’s open cockpit biplane. It was the perfect day and Sir Yacht and Paige raved about how beautiful the county is from 2,000 feet in the air.

Stop 3: Brukner Nature Center
After an exhilarating stop, we traveled to Brukner Nature Center to become one with nature. They toured the interpretive building then went out onto the property to see the rehabilitated animals. We finished up the tour with a nice long walk throughout one of Brukner’s nature trails.

Stop 4: Old Mason Winery
They enjoyed wine flights at Old Mason Winery and were treated like royalty as they were handed new wines to try as well. Samples were drank and good times were had!

Stop 5: Shoal Tent Check-In
Next stop was check-in for the Shoal Tents, where they would spend their night sleeping in a floating tent on the Great Miami River. Access to the tent requires a kayak ride out to the spot where all eight tents are anchored next to one another. They were also given S’mores supplies to use on the floating fire pit. Yum!

Stop 6: Smith’s Boathouse
Sir Yacht and Paige had a very short walk over to their dinner reservation at Smith’s Boathouse. They were seated on the patio overlooking the beautiful river and their tent.

Stop 7: Moeller Brew Barn
Their final stop for the first day was at Moeller Brew Barn, where they enjoyed a tour while sipping on beers and seltzers brewed right there in the building. They enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of the brew tanks and were given swag from the brewery’s merch.

Day 2

Stop 1: redBERRY 
Breakfast at redBERRY was the first stop of their second day in Miami County. This brunch spot was a hit and they can’t wait to come back and try new delicious breakfast dishes.

Stop 2: Kayaking on the Great Miami
The Miami County Park District assisted us in a kayaking adventure on the Great Miami River. We kayaked up and down stream, taking in the fresh air and beautiful morning. The river was calm and the air was cool. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Stop 3: Indian Creek Distillery
We then traveled out to Indian Creek Distillery where we were given a tour on the history of the distillery and Staley Mill Farm. We also learned a thing or two about whiskey making and Sir Yacht and Paige were able to try some samples of their famous whiskey and bourbon.

Final Stop: Coldwater Café
They ended their time in Miami County at a final lunch at Coldwater Café. We dined out in the alley between the cafe and the Tipp City Library. After a jam-packed 24-hours, it was nice to eat a scrumptious meal and discuss the fun activities experienced.

His video of the county is now up on his TikTok account and shared on the Miami County Visitor Bureau’s Facebook page, so be sure to watch! Sir Yacht has also traveled to Tipp City and Piqua previously, so be sure check out those videos on his channel @siryacht.

Thank you for coming to visit us, Sir Yacht! You’re welcome back any time and we look forward to your return trip.