The Float Troy Experience

February 9, 2023

Ready for an adventure that combines camping and floating on the Great Miami River? Look no further than Float Troy. It’s the only public floating tent experience in Ohio!

Float Troy is a series of floating tents anchored on the Great Miami River at Treasure Island Park. Guests sleep on the river inside of their own inflatable floating tent! This unique camping experience is perfect for those who want to take outdoor adventures to another level.

Troy, Ohio is an excellent destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities, but this is a unique experience altogether. Float Troy is the nation’s (and possibly the world’s) only public floating tent experience.

About the Experience

Before your imagination is carried away by thoughts of stray tents and daring rapids, Float Troy has employed several fail-safes to ensure your evening is a safe, memorable, and relaxing experience.

Your rental includes a raft to travel to and from the tent, oars, and life vests. While the space is tight, tents can accommodate two adults comfortably – or a maximum of four adults or two adults and two children.

Each tent has been securely tethered and anchored several times, so there’s no need to worry about floating away! Plus, the river levels are extremely shallow around the tents – only about 3 feet deep.

Be sure to pack lightly with plenty of sunscreen, water, bug spray, and flashlights. Guests should wear comfortable clothing and something they don’t mind getting wet or muddy.

Additionally, floating fire pits are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests can reserve an additional kayak or raft for exploring the area.

When you’re not hanging out in your tent or around the grill, explore the paved trails at Treasure Island and enjoy a brisk walk or a bike ride. Also located at Treasure Island, Smith’s Boathouse has a delightful menu of high-quality seafood, steak, and other seasonal options to satisfy those tastebuds.

With limited availability, tents rent from late June through early September. Visit the website for the most up-to-date information and rental availability.