OhioGirl.TravelingWorld Day in Troy!

April 21, 2022

The Miami County Visitors Bureau hosted a mother-daughter day trip to Troy. Shockingly, the only time I had spent in Troy had been in high school for tennis tournaments and a few casual stops, mostly off the highway. Being somewhat central to us, Troy is a great destination for a day trip getaway.

We started the day at The Sunshade Building, a repurposed building with multiple businesses internally. We enjoyed a Coffee 101 experience with Purebred Coffee Company. Owner, Noah, led us through a mini-course on Purebred’s history, coffee definitions, processes of beans, a roasting demonstration, as well as a coffee tasting. My mom has never been much of a coffee drinker and I have slowly introduced myself to coffee during the pandemic. I was amazed with how tea-like coffee can be. This is something I could easily do with friends, especially those who enjoy drinking coffee for flavor or who feel that “all coffee is the same”.

We shifted around the building to Hayner Distilling. Ohio’s alcohol laws and processes have always been personally intriguing; particularly because of prohibition, but mainly due to recent trends with flavors and art. What sets Hayner Distilling apart is its rich history. Originally opening in 1866 and closing with prohibition, Hayner reopened in 2021 to new ownership keeping the integrity of the original company, family, and products. We sampled some of the rye whiskey straight from the barrels, available for purchase April 2022. While not a liquor person, Mom left continually expressing that she needed to get a bottle of the straight rye whiskey. Personally, I could definitely enjoy a glass while watching the Kentucky Derby!

Throughout the afternoon we explored Downtown Troy.  I enjoyed the walkability of Troy, having a plethora of shops, a variety of restaurants, all within a short distance. We ate at ReU Juicery for lunch where I enjoyed the avocado toast, I still have dreams of the sun-dried tomato spread under the avocado. The afternoon shopping included stops to Echo Boutique and Poppy Lane (women’s and plus size clothing), Samozrejme (toy and eco-conscious infant/child materials), Expressions of the Home (home décor), Brower Stationers (office and educator supplies), Around About Books (books and literacy materials), Ivy Court (plants and home goods), and Designs From the Grove (indoor and outdoor home décor).

We shopped until we dropped and needed a few snacks. We stopped into Poppin’ Off, a local gourmet popcorn store. The Skyline Chili with cheese popcorn was purely nostalgic. My favorite snack stop was Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop where I picked up a few bottles of soda and enjoyed the self-serve candy station which seem to be few and far between, especially post-pandemic.

The Hayner Cultural Center caught our eye while walking around downtown. Originally, the building was home to the Hayner family and eventually donated for community purpose. It was a full circle of events from our morning at the distillery. The Hayner Cultural Center has a permanent exhibit on Hayner Distilling. The exhibit includes a variety of bottles and labels, reminding me of a hands-on history lesson of products and marketing. We took a self-guided tour of the Cultural Center. Mom enjoyed the architecture and was amazed at the family’s passion for community development.

Ending the afternoon, we went to Purebred Coffee Company’s storefront, located downtown. With plentiful seating, we sat next to the window and enjoyed downtown views. While looking at the menu, I noticed several local collaborations. These include a root beer cold brew, with Norka root beer, and a honey lavender latte, made with locally sourced lavender syrup from The Farm House Bakery. I got the seasonal honey lavender latte, the perfect way to start spring.

It was an adventurous day and I look forward to coming back to Troy with a list in hand of ideas!

Written by Melanie Bange

Instagram: OhioGirl.TravelingWorld, Troy highlight Reel