Planes, Trains, Boats, and Automobiles!

April 13, 2023

Miami County is rich in transportation history, and it tells a story of innovation and expansion. Beginning with the construction of the Miami and Erie Canal from 1825-1845 and the introduction of the railroad to the area in 1857 to biplanes in the early 1900s and the release of the original Ford Mustang in 1964, Miami County is proud of its history and heritage and the people who have impacted our forward progress.

Johnston Farm & Indian Agency

Experience a different kind of boat ride on the General Harrison at Johnston Farm. The General Harrison is one of a handful of canal boats in Ohio still drawn, as it was done almost two centuries ago, by a team of mules. On a visit to Johnston Farm, guests will enjoy a ride on this replica 70-foot-long canal boat which at one time was used to haul passengers and cargo along the Miami and Erie Canal. Costumed guides provide an authentic and memorable experience back in time.

Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum and BF Interlocking Tower

The railroad came to Bradford in 1857 when the first train reached the end of the railhead at the Miami/Darke County line. Bradford was an important junction between connecting rail terminals because most trains passing through Bradford changed crews here. Bradford became known as a “railroad town” and the railroad was seen as the dominant industry for many years. This small community in western Miami County is proud of its railroad heritage and celebrates it still to this day.

WACO Air Museum

The Weaver Aircraft Company (WACO) was the largest manufacturer of civil aircraft in the US in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Today, at this historic field and museum, you can take a flight in WACO’s biplane, “Sunny”, to see beautiful Miami County from the sky. Sunny was given the US identification number N820WF to correspond with the elevation of 820 feet above sea level at WACO field and was donated to the WACO Air Museum in 2016 by the Jaffe family from Texas.

Gale Halderman Museum

Gale Halderman was the designer of the original Ford Mustang and worked for Ford Motor Company for over 40 years. At the Gale Halderman Museum, guests will learn about Gale’s life and years at Ford while enjoying wall-to-wall exhibits and memorabilia dedicated to this iconic automobile.

Make plans today to visit these museums to learn about the transportation history of Miami County and its impact on the county, the region, the country, and the world.