Getting outdoors this summer means having the right stuff!

July 23, 2021

The warm summer weather has many families to exploring the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy camping, hiking, or other outdoor adventures in Miami County, we can’t wait to have you!

When planning an outdoor adventure, make sure you have the right gear for you and your family. Having a well-packed bag whether for the weekend or a day trip will ensure everyone enjoys the trip wherever your travels take you.

Outdoor Gear for Families

There are plenty of tips online for getting your family outdoors this summer, but we’ve rounded up essential items your family needs to explore our area.

  1. An insulated water bottle

Even if you are not exploring in the heat of the summer, it’s important to stay hydrated. There are several options for sports bottles on the market, but an insulated bottle is a must!

Insulated water bottles will keep cold liquids cold and warm liquids hot. Whether you are hiking during the summer months or enjoying a brisk walk in the fall air, you can remain hydrated and refreshed.

  1. Snack Essentials

Anyone who’s ever adventured with children knows that snacks are a must! For exploration adventures, pack nourishing, high-protein snacks for plenty of energy and stamina throughout the day.

If you are hiking a quick day trip and plan on enjoying lunch, an insulated lunch box is perfect for keeping sandwiches and snacks at the perfect temperature. Other snacks like crackers, fruit, or chips, can be stored in reusable snack bags that can easily be rinsed and repurposed.

  1. Safety Items

Safety is always important when exploring the great outdoors. There’s nothing like a small mishap to ruin a day of fun plans.

Along with animals who inhabit our area, mosquitos, ticks, and other insects are known to hang around, so make sure you pack plenty of mosquito repellant – a plus if it wards off ticks, too.

Along with keeping the bugs at bay, make sure you have a good first aid kit in your pack for fix up scrapes and small accidents. Your first aid kit should include things like band aids, hydrocortisone cream, and wound-care items.

  1. Daypack

A good pack is essential for carrying all of the snacks, water bottles, and other things you might need along your destination.

If you’re taking a quick, easy hike with your family, a simple backpack will do the trick; however, if you anticipate a more challenging hike or an extended period of time outside, a more sturdy daypack is a good idea.

These come in all shapes, styles, sizes, and price points, so be sure to get the one that suits your needs and your budget. Some models even have a water reservoir built into the pack!

  1. Relaxation

No matter how adventurous your plans are, take some time to relax along your journey.

Whether you are camping or taking a brisk trail walk, a hammock is a great way to kick back and enjoy the scenery. This option is ultra-light and breathable.

Plus, it’s so compact that it rolls up and fits right in your pack. It also offers a comfortable sleeping space as an alternative to a tent. Simply, unroll and set up in a matter of minutes!

A hammock is a great option for taking a break along the trail or fishing area, too.

Since warmer weather has set in, we are now seeing families get out and explore the great outdoors! Now, grab your pack, and let’s hit the trail!


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*Main photo by Arthur G Photography, courtesy of the Miami County Park District.