Nestled in the flowing countryside of Western Miami County, you will find the quaint, bustling Village of Covington… Covington sits at the banks of the Stillwater River and welcomes you to a charming rural community.

Founded in 1793,

Covington was originally named Fort Rowdy because of General “Mad” Anthony Wayne’s rowdy troops. The Stillwater River, a state designated Scenic River, runs through the western portion of the town and is the perfect location for the annual Fort Rowdy Gathering.

Covington is proud of its great business community, shops and restaurants. Check out the many downtown retailers that call Covington home. Or, try an adventurous meal of wild game at Buffalo Jacks.

There are many wonderful outdoor things to see and do in Covington. Go canoeing or fishing on the Stillwater River. Take a stroll through the majestic scenery of historic Greenville Falls while listening to the 20-foot cascading waterfall. Hike the trail pass through the fields, woodlands, marshy habitats and shrub lands of the Stillwater Prairie Reserve. Enjoy a family get-together at the Covington Community Park. Or, a family bike ride along the bike path.

Covington encourages its residents and visitors to enjoy the festivals and events it offers, so the community can come together to celebrate its history and tradition and art and music. From the Fort Rowdy Gathering on Labor Day Weekend to the Covington Candlelight Christmas at the holidays, there is something here for everyone!

Enjoy all of this and more in Covington, Ohio.