Brukner Nature Center – it’s about wildlife!

April 15, 2021

Did you know that Brukner Nature Center operates a licensed wildlife rehabilitation unit for native wildlife that are orphaned, injured or sick?  Last year, BNC accepted nearly 1,800 animals in need of professional care.  Contact us at 937.698.6493, 7-days a week, for all of your wildlife concerns!  Brukner Nature Center – it’s about wildlife!

Virginia opossums are North America’s only marsupial – meaning they carry their young in a pouch!  Joeys are born after 13 short days of gestation and are the size of a jelly bean.  We can credit these amazing mammals for helping to keep our environment ‘debris’ free by scavenging on just about anything they can find, including carrion.

Ohio is home to 11 species of bats – all of which consume insects.  Recent studies suggest that if all of our bats were to disappear, farmers would spend more than $3.7 BILLION annually on pesticides to control those pest insects that bats eat.  You can help Ohio’s bats in several ways: plant native habitat that attracts nocturnal insects, build a bat house or participate in a citizen science project such as ODNR’s Bat Roost Monitoring project.

Brake for wildlife!  Very soon native turtles will be migrating from waterways to areas on land where they can lay their eggs.  If you find a turtle crossing the road you can offer a helping hand by moving it to the other side of the road in the direction it was traveling.

Thank you to the staff at Brukner Nature Center for taking time out of their busy Spring schedule and creating this wonderful blog post!
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