Here at the Miami County Visitors Bureau, we have been blogging about our area for years. And, more importantly, we continue to ask our residents and visitors to blog about their experiences throughout our historic towns as well. For example… did you know that we are part of the longest paved trail system in the country?

  • Miami County is home to a number of exciting theaters and entertainment venues. Whether you’re looking for an exciting concert, a heartwarming play, or creative art classes, you’ll definitely find it in Miami County. Here are three incredible venues to get you started: Troy Civic Theatre Since openings its doors in 1965, the Troy Civic Theatre has provided the community with a plethora of memorable performances. Both veterans and newcomers grace the stage in four fantastic shows each season. Troy Civic Theatre is also proud to be an active part of the community, encouraging local playwrights to bring their creations to

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  • If you haven’t heard this, let us tell you that Piqua, Ohio is one heck of a rockin’ place! For several years, Piqua has hosted the ROCK PIQUA Music Series which features regional artists and a variety of music genres. This year is no exception! On July 20th at 8pm, Rock Piqua brings you the Eric Sowers Band. Eric is now one of the fastest rising stars in the country scene in Ohio and continues to gain ground in Nashville and across the United States. Eric’s edgy liquid like voice, charismatic smile along with the band’s musicianship and stage presence,

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