Barn Quilts – A day to explore!

April 3, 2020

Have you seen the beautiful art painted on barns scattered across Miami County? Ever wonder what that’s all about?
Well… We can enlighten you!

Back in 2007, our organization, the Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau embarked on this grand project to paint barns with unique folk-art renditions of traditional quilt squares. This turned out to be one of the most popular “things to do” in Miami County for several years.
We are still proud of this project and happy to report that at this point in time, over 50 barns are still standing with their art intact.

Why is this relevant now?
In this period of time where Covid-19 rules the day, a drive through the county is an acceptable activity. Stay in your car and enjoy the sunshine while seeking out these barns all across the county.

Barn Quilt Information on our page

PDF of our current Barn Quilt Brochure