7 Beautiful Hikes in Miami County

April 25, 2024

It’s no secret- Miami County has plenty to offer. One of the most treasured – and preserved – activities is exploring the beauty of nature.

Whether you are on the hiking trail, taking an easy stroll, or searching for something to really get your blood pumping – you can find it along our trails in Miami County.

Lace-up your hiking boots, grab your gear and get ready to check out these local trails.

Charleston Falls Preserve

As one of the most visited parks in Miami County, the Charleston Falls Preserve has more than 216 acres of prairie and forests. It’s an ideal place to hike, take in the sights, and enjoy all that nature has to offer. The park offers a variety of hiking inclines, perfect for all skill levels.

One of the most beautiful sights along this trail in Miami County is the “Miniature Niagara”, sharing the same rock strata as its namesake, Niagara Falls. From a small underground spring, the waterfall scales about 37 feet tall, then continues down to the Great Miami River.

Other areas to explore include the Thorny Badlands and Redbud Valley filled with beautiful colors and views of nature.

If you enjoy spotting unique wildlife, you’ll appreciate the opportunities that the Charleston Falls Preserve provides.

Great Miami River Recreational Trail

If you’re looking for a full-day, long trail experience, the Great Miami River Recreational Trail has 32 miles of paved trail for biking, running, and walking.

The Great Miami River Recreational Trail is part of the Great Miami Riverway, which is considered to be the nation’s largest paved trail network at 99 miles in length. This trail network connects communities up and down the river – and in the surrounding area – to facilitate connections between local events and attractions.

This trail takes explorers over small bridges, underneath state highways, along the river, and passes by a gorgeous golf course.

Check out a trail map, and plan your adventure!

Garbry Big Woods Reserve

For a beautiful little hike through a rustic area, you can enjoy the 2.2 miles of trails in the Garbry Big Woods Reserve in Piqua. It’s ideal for those who crave adventure but may have little ones in tow.

Even as a shorter trail, Garbry Big Woods still has a lot to offer. Take the family and explore more than 170 acres of land. It’s a great place to gather with friends and family, archery, fishing, and hiking. The mowed areas around the picnic shelters are great for taking a break for lunch. The shelters can also be reserved for parties and group gatherings.

The educational arboretum offers the opportunity to learn about Ohio’s native trees, as you learn to identify them by bud, leaf, or bark.

With their newfound knowledge, take the kids on a science adventure and see how many types of trees they can identify on their own. They will never know it was educational!

An interesting fact: the restroom facility is one of the first of its kind in Ohio to utilize the natural wetlands as a sanitary filtration system.

Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

If you’re looking for a hiking trail that allows you to explore the intersection of nature and art, try out the Hobart Urban Nature Preserve in Troy.

The trail on this preserve features a variety of welded sculptures, placed in specific habitats to illuminate the connection between nature and art.

The two miles on this trail make for an easy hike, but you’ll experience beautiful water views, plenty of flowers in the warmer weather, and various types of birds to spot along the way.

John A. Wannemacher Nature Reserve

You can take a hike through reclaimed agricultural land in this nature reserve in Troy, which features nearly two miles of trails and more than 100 acres of land.

If you are interested in viewing a variety of birds, be sure to bring your binoculars!

When you hike through this land, know that you’re walking through an area that has had a positive effect on local water quality as it reduces storm runoff, which helps to maintain water purity.

Maple Ridge Reserve

In Covington, you’ll find the Maple Ridge Reserve, which is located along the unique natural features of the Stillwater River.

This trail features 2.5 miles of peaceful, easy hiking through terrain that includes a sugar maple grove and a sugar camp. The large collection of mature maple trees provides sap for the on-site, educational maple sugaring operation.

The trees on this reserve provide an opportunity to view gorgeous foliage as the seasons change from the delicate leaves of spring to the bold colors of late autumn.

Enjoy a refreshing walk through the woods, watch wildlife, or fish in one of three ponds located in the park.

Stillwater Prairie Reserve

The Stillwater Prairie Reserve features approximately three miles of trail in a circular loop that winds around a variety of habitats. It is a great place to enjoy hiking – and even cross-country skiing.

Enjoy the local sights of marshy habitats, shrublands, fields, and woodlands. The area features a boardwalk, rowboats to explore the man-made ponds, and picnic areas to relax and refuel.

The Stillwater Prairie Reserve is the perfect destination for a day-hike along with a group of family or friends, or possibly solo for some quiet contemplation.

Miami County is proud of the gorgeous natural scenery that highlights the beauty and serenity of our area. Try out each hiking trail throughout the year, enjoying the distinct seasonal changes that bring a variety of sights to behold.

After your adventures, stop by a local brewery or restaurant to end the adventure! Contact the Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau for more information about our area.