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Day Trip


Have your picture taken by an Indian in the museum, on the canal boat or in front of the beautiful “Princess Feather” barn quilt. Johnston Farm and Indian Agency… The Piqua Historical Area State Memorial is home to the General Harrison replica canal boat, the Historic Johnston Home (from the 1800s) and the Woodland Indian and Canal Museum.

There is a 19th century two-story historic brick home of Col. John Johnston, former US Indian agent and canal commissioner. Costumed interpreters and craft demonstrators provide tours through this preserved and furnished home, the cider house and a unique two-story spring house which holds a loom.

You can take a canal boat ride on a one-mile re-watered section of the Miami-Erie Canal. The General Harrison is a replica of a nineteenth-century mixed-cargo canal boat of the 1840-1850 era, representative of the main transportation utilized by farmers to transport their produce to market prior to the time when railroads began to fill that role. Costumed boat guides and interpreters direct the mule-drawn boat to provide an authentic and memorable experience for all. This unique historical area enables you to experience the joys of this former method of transportation.

Lastly, visit the Historical Indian and Canal Museum which houses authentic Native American tools, clothing, jewelry and other artifacts. It relates the story of the lives with the earliest settlers to Southwest Ohio.

The museum is open April through October. Guided tours are available.

9845 N. Hardin Road
Piqua, Ohio 45356



Enjoy lunch while in Troy. Choose among the many quaint local restaurants around The Square. Some favorites include K’s Hamburger Shop, Basil’s on Market, Bakehouse and more.

Visit our dining page for more information and a complete list of restaurants.


Welcome to the WACO Aircraft Museum and Learning Center and WACO Airfield. A tribute to the WACO Aircraft Company’s place in American aviation, the museum features the company’s unique heritage and contributions to the industry. Exhibits depict the Troy Company’s commercial and military aircraft production from the 1920s through WWII. In the 1920s WACO was the largest producer of aircraft in the world. The WACO Aircraft Company was founded by Buck Weaver, Sam Junkin and Clayton J. Brukner, who also founded the Brukner Nature Center in Troy. Depending on the weather, the possibility exists to see these beautiful planes in flight.

1865 S. County Road 25A
Troy, Ohio 45373



If you love animals, Idle Hour Ranch allows you to get up close and personal with the animals. Interact with and see over 200 animals including: camels, river otters, kangaroos, wallabies, a cougar, zebra, llamas, an alpaca, reindeer, nilgai, a yak, wolves, cavies, horses, farm animals and many more!

This family owned and operated agricultural/animal sanctuary is dedicated to providing a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you can be educated about wildlife, agriculture and the overall importance of wildlife and farmland conservation. Capture that personal moment feeding the animals or the smile on your child/grandchild’s face as they see animals they have never seen before.

IHR’s Mini Farm and Agricultural Tourism activities will be open to the public most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6pm, June through October.

4845 Fenner Road
Troy, Ohio 45373



Brukner Nature Center is a private, non-profit nature preserve dedicated to environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation. This 165 acre nature preserve has an air-conditioned, handicapped accessible interpretive building filled with hands-on displays, live wildlife and a unique treetop bird viewing vista. Brukner is renowned for nurturing injured, sick or orphaned native Ohio wildlife and then releasing them. A few that cannot be released back into the wild will find permanent homes at Brukner Nature Center as “Wildlife Ambassadors.” Located near the Interpretive Center is the 1804 Iddings Log House, the oldest structure on its original site in Miami County.

Brukner is open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and on Sundays 12:30-5pm.

5995 Horseshoe Bend Road
Troy, Ohio 45373



There are so many local restaurants to fulfill you hunger after a busy day out and about in Miami County. Depending on which way is home, enjoy dinner at one of our communities.

Visit our dining page for more information.