Seeking Solitude & Mindfulness in Miami County

August 11, 2022

There are times when you just need to get away for a while. Miami County has plenty to offer all of our visitors: invigorating hikes, local shops, fabulous restaurants…and even places where you can soak in the solitude.

One of the most treasured – and preserved – activities is exploring the beauty of nature. In Miami County, we have so many opportunities to appreciate the beauty of our area, take some time for gratitude, and let go of the stress.

Beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenery are breathtaking backdrops for mindfulness activities. Whether you are looking forward to a peaceful moment alongside babbling water or a leisurely stroll to take in the scenery, Miami County has you covered.

Grab your journal, and make a plan to check out these local spots for some relaxation

Top Places in Miami County

Mindfulness Trail at Lost Creek Reserve

The Mindfulness Trail at Lost Creek Reserve is a special experience designed to help you reconnect with nature and clear your mind of the clutter. It’s also an excellent way to enjoy Lost Creek Reserve in a new way.

The Mindfulness Trail maps out 10 different locations throughout the Reserve. At these locations, you will find signs suggesting different mindfulness activities to help you relax and recharge. There is also a handy map to guide you!

Along the trail, you will see beautiful maple trees, plants, wildlife, water, and more. But, this experience isn’t just for the adults! The Trail also features a natural play area as a bonus location for the kids.

Charleston Falls Preserve

The Charleston Falls Preserve is one of the most visited parks in Miami County.

With more than 216 acres of prairie and forests, it’s an ideal place to hike, take in the sights, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

One of the most beautiful sights along this trail in Miami County is the “Miniature Niagara”, sharing the same rock strata as its namesake, Niagara Falls. It’s a beautiful spot for a little reflection time or to simply empty your thoughts and spark creativity.

If clearing your head of all the busyness is on the agenda, you’ll appreciate all that the Charleston Falls Preserve provides.

Great Miami River Recreational Trail

The Great Miami River Recreational Trail isn’t just for biking and running. Enjoy a leisurely stroll to take in all the beautiful sites the Riverway has to offer.

This trail network connects communities up and down the river – and in the surrounding area – to facilitate connections between local events and attractions.

With more than 32 miles of paved trails, explorers will travel over small bridges, underneath state highways, along the river, and pass by a gorgeous golf course.

Ludlow Falls

Considered one of the best-kept secrets of Miami County, Ludlow Falls is a waterfall tucked underneath a bridge heading into the village of Ludlow Falls, Ohio.

Take in the sights and calming sounds of this beautiful landscape. This impressive waterfall has a 15-foot drop and is about 50-60 feet deep. While it’s beautiful to visit any time of the year, Springtime is when the cascades are the most powerful and beautiful. Fall is also a beautiful time in Ohio as the leaves begin to change.

Ludlow Falls is easy to miss! It’s located off of state route 48, between Covington and West Milton. To reach the Falls, you must take a short trail starting at the park entrance on Covington Avenue, across the street from the post office. A short path will lead you from the lot to the falls.

From there, take a moment to be present and soak in the beauty of Ludlow Falls.

Nature has healing and restorative powers. It can reduce anxiety and stress, help you manage emotions, and gain peace of mind. Clear your mind and reconnect with your focus at one of these beautiful locations in our area.
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