The Lamp Shop

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1574 N County Road 25A   |  Troy, Ohio

  • Sunday - Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Antique, Vintage, Modern or Hand-crafted Lamps and Light Fixtures

The Lamp Shop has a  very very large selection of antique and vintage lamps. They are excellent craftspeople and are able to make new lamps too. If you have a picture of a light you have seen somewhere or in a magazine, you can send it here and it can be custom made.

Visit the shop and you can select parts and pieces for the lamps that you want — from floor lamps to work area desk lamps to bathroom wall lights to dining area hanging lights to outdoor lightfixtures. Functional and decorative lights for your homes and businesses, can all be bought here; but it’s not limited to just electric powered lights and lamps, there are also oil lamps, wicks, oil lamp parts, gas lamp parts, chimneys and globes.

The Lamp Shop

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