Picture Perfect Miami County Parks

September 8, 2022

Looking for the picture-perfect spot for your next photoshoot? Here are some great natural backdrops in the Miami County Parks!

Charleston FallsĀ 

Charleston Falls is the most visited nature park in Miami County! This park offers over 216 acres of prairie and forests as well as a waterfall, Miami County’s own Miniature Niagara, perfect for pictures.

Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge was completed in 2021, connecting Maple Ridge and Stillwater Prairie Reserve. The bridge crosses the scenic Stillwater River and provides a beautiful, picturesque place for you to enjoy.

Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

With over 2 miles of trails and 80+ acres of land, Hobart Urban Nature Preserve is a great place to unwind. Enjoy leisurely walks, bird-watching, unique welded sculptures from Hobart Welding Institute, and observing nature. Hobart is a local favorite photo spot.

Lost Creek Reserve & Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center

Lost Creek is the largest park with 457 acres of landscape and 5.75 miles of trails taking you past farm fields, through wooded areas and along Lost Creek.

Garbry Big Woods Reserve & Sanctuary

Garbry Big Woods has over 270 acres and 2.2 miles of trails for you to explore and photograph. This beautiful park offers unique plant life as well as the boardwalk. Both make great spots for pictures!

These are just a few of the many beautiful spots in the Miami County Parks! Click HERE for more information on the Parks District.
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