Home Grown Parks – Greenville Falls Scenic River Area

May 8, 2018

Located along the Greenville Creek lies the Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area at 9140 Covington-Gettysburg Rd, in Covington Ohio. This park has nearly 1 mile of hiking trail and 92 acres of land. The falls itself cascades 20 feet and can be viewed from the viewing platform. You can find a natural limestone arch along the river as well.


Hike along the river to find historical remnants from an old electric mill that was once on the property. Find the interpretive signs to learn more about the history of this mill, located along the trail.


R.M. Albery established one of the first electric companies, the “Falls Electric Company” in 1897 at Greenville falls. Here, a large water wheel, alternator, switchboard equipment, raceway and dam were installed.

With this, electrical services were able to extend further out to help farmers on the edge of town run their equipment with motors compared to hand. Follow the trails to view this piece of history.

Not only is Greenville Falls a great place to hike and observe history, it also is a leading destination for fishing as well. You will find paths that lead down to river access points where fishing is allowed.


Picnic areas are also provided along with 2 parking lots. Trails will also lead you through a prairie with many native Ohio plants to observe. The falls are a great sight to see because they are not just good, but Home Grown Great!


For more information on the Miami County Park District, visit www.MiamiCountyParks.com


Submitted by our 2018 Summer Intern, Carolann Stanley