Mariner’s Compass

138 S. Ridge Ave.   |  Troy, Ohio

The compass pattern is made only of triangles, varying in size and color, thus giving it a three-dimensional effect. The position of the compass pattern on the barn accurately points north. The barn is wood with a field stone cellar. The original section of the barn was built in the early 1800s and is probably one of the oldest in the county. An addition was made in the mid-1800s when the property was used as a horse and dairy farm.

This property was established in 1807 when Aaron Tullis was given the grant in payment for his military service in the Revolutionary War. He then passed it on to his son, who later sold it to the McCullough family in 1837. The McCullough’s used it as a horse and dairy farm until the first quarter of the 20th century. The original house started as a one room structure with a loft, which is the present day foyer.

Ridge Avenue intersects West Main Street west of downtown Troy. Turn  South on Ridge Ave. at the Family Video Store, and go a short distance, turn right at the Overfield Pre-school driveway (#172, directly across from Westgate Circle –  there are a couple of driveways before you get there — there is a sign for the pre-school), drive up the hill and bear to the right as you approach the school, and continue until the road ends …. the barn will be visible on the right. Please respect the signage at this private residence. You may park and walk over to the “Private Drive” sign, but at the owners request, the driveway is private and not accessible for traffic. You should be able to see it clearly from there and still take lovely photos from this distance.

Sponsor: Dr. & Mrs. Robert Malarkey

Mariner’s Compass

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