Grandmother’s Fan

1350 S. Hufford   |  Casstown, Ohio

The owner’s grandmother actually had a quilt that was very similar to this pattern and it brings back many fond memories of that same quilt. The all wood barn is a bank barn, originally painted red with a slate roof and probably constructed in the mid 1850s to 1870s, with mortise and tenon construction inside and original siding outside. The old farmhouse was constructed in 1870.

These third generation owners purchased the farm in 2004 from the owner’s father who inherited it in 1964 from his father, who purchased the farm in 1919. The barn has been used for cattle, horses, pigs and sheep. They hope to become a Century Farm in 2019 – a designation for farms that have been in the same family for 100 years.

This pattern is placed on the “corner” of the barn and wraps around the two sides

Located Southeast of Troy. Take Rt. 41 East to Hufford Rd., turn right (south) and travel for approximately a half mile. There is plenty of parking between the barn and the house.

Sponsored by Randy & Linda Mott

Grandmother’s Fan

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