Double Wedding Ring

4910 OH-185   |  Piqua, Ohio

The family selected this pattern because: “We especially like the traditional pattern. We have a quilt in that pattern and use it. The tradition of the farm – with family living there now that are direct descendants of the original family, makes that double entwined circle pattern very meaningful to us. The feeling of connection to our history is present. We are very pleased that our barn was selected to become one of the Miami County quilt barns and we are sufficiently proud of the history of the farm that we plan to add “Zimmerlin – 1858” in proximity to the quilt. ”

The barn is plain, rectangular, probably built in the late 1800s, and was an addition to the early log cabin that was the first building on the farm. Due to deterioration, the log cabin was removed around 1990 and the logs incorporated into a new home at another location. In the mid 1990s, the barn was steel sided. The 80 acre farm was originally deeded to Lucius Cone by President Andrew Jackson in 1833, and the current owners are in possession of the Deed. Ownership passed through several hands until it was sold in 1858 to George Jacob Zimmerlin, great-great grandfather of the current owner. It has been in the family since that time with the exception of 23 acres. The original house on the property was built in 1877. The farm also has a 16.5 acre dense, “wet”, not upland, woods.

Located west of Piqua. From Piqua, take Rt. 185 West, almost to the airport. The barn is located East of the intersection of Rt. 185 and N. Spiker Rd., on the south side of the road. There is a wide berm along Rt. 185 so it’s very easy to pull off and directly face the quilt side of the barn.

Sponsor: Rudy’s, Inc. and Bill & Dianne Zimmerlin

Double Wedding Ring

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