Covington, Ohio

Intersection of SR 48 and US 36   |  Covington, Ohio

Scenic charm and historic heritage

Nestled in the lush landscapes created by the Stillwater River – a state designated scenic river – Covington is a charming village with specialty shops, unique restaurants & scenic surroundings. Nearby Greenville Falls, Covington’s Community Park along the Stillwater River & several preserves all lend a natural beauty to this town.   Located just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, you’ll enjoy the hospitality and relaxed atmosphere.   Preserving its rich heritage is the Fort Rowdy Museum.  Covington was first known as Fort Rowdy, named for the site which served as an encampment for Gen. “Mad Anthony” Wayne’s “rowdy” troops during the Indian Wars.   Active community organizations sponsor annual festivities that delight the young and old alike, most notably the annual Fort Rowdy Gathering in October.

Covington, Ohio

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