Treat yourself to an afternoon of elegant shopping in downtown Troy

December 3, 2019

Visiting Troy, Ohio, is never anything short of phenomenal. The variety of businesses, events, and activities is extraordinary. So many interests are represented it is impossible to be bored in this charming town.

Hiking and biking, arts and culture, shopping and dining, and even live performances of all types are easy to find. We all need a little ‘me time’, however, and Troy is the perfect place for that too. Treat yourself to a day of relaxation at these elegant shops in downtown Troy.

Winans Chocolates and Coffees

Winans has been making their handmade premium chocolates for decades in Troy. Couple that with a cup of their fresh roasted coffee and you have yourself a recipe for contentment.

Dating all the way back to the 1900’s, the same family has owned and operated Winans Chocolates and Coffees. They have several locations around the Columbus and Dublin area, including one on Main Street in Troy and their factory shop in Piqua.

Winans hand sources the coffee beans they use in their proprietary blends. There are myriad of blends and flavors to choose from. The smells alone will have you craving a cup as soon as you walk in the shop.

The experience of eating chocolate is comforting and pleasant. Our brains release a pleasure chemical into our bodies when we experience it. The finely crafted chocolates at Winans have been developed after years of trial and error. They are honed to a fine delicacy.  One bite of their signature chocolates such as Bourbon Cherries, Cherry Cordials, or the Buckeyes will have those pleasure chemicals soaring and you’ll be hooked for life. Thankfully, they have a website with online ordering to take care of those cravings once you get back home.

Ark and Echo

You want to look good when you are on vacation. More importantly, you want to feel good in clothes that show your personal style and inspire you to be your true self. Ark and Echo is a great place to do just that.

Their clothes are hip and trendy but made to flatter all sizes and shapes. Their styles emphasize comfort and quality, but also class, which isn’t easy to find these days. You can also find all sorts of cute household items such as glassware, towels and lots of fun seasonal décor.

Ark and Echo also host a number of fun events in downtown Troy. Enjoy Mimosa’s, pop-up plus-size clothing stores, free beauty treatments, and all the discounts and sales you can handle. Just keep up with their Facebook page to be in the know.

The Olive Oasis

No trip to Troy could ever be complete without visiting The Olive Oasis, especially for the foodies. The family-owned and operated business offers a large assortment of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Their goal is to educate their guests on the plethora of health benefits and culinary delights of these tasty products.

Discover new flavors in olive oil and explore the wonders 18-year barrel-aged balsamic vinegar can add to a dish. The Olive Oasis not only offers incredible olive oils and balsamic vinegars but also a variety of recipes and gastronomic tips. A visit here is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon before the family meal.

Bakehouse Bread and Cookie Company

Who can resist fresh baked goods? No one who enters Bakehouse Bread and Cookie Company, that’s for sure. As soon as you walk in the bakery the smells wash over you; breads, cookies, baguettes, batards, and every flavor of pastry imaginable baked fresh daily.

Their motto is to provide foods that are inspiring as well as nourishing. They aim to touch the soul as well as the body and senses with each bite and it’s obvious in the care and quality they take with their treats. Each loaf is hand-shaped. Only the highest quality ingredients are used for every cookie, pastry, and loaf of bread.

Enjoy breakfast in the café or give one of the sandwiches and salads a go. Just don’t forget to check their bake schedule so you know the exact right moment to show up.

The Blue Bow Boutique

No one wants to be wearing the same thing everyone else in town is wearing but that’s what ends up happening when everyone shops at big retail establishments. Troy, Ohio, locals love shopping at the Blue Boutique to break the mold and stand on their own fashion feet.

It’s a full-service boutique offering not just stylish clothing but adorable home goods and unique gifts. Accessorize your new outfit with cool and comfortable shoes, hats, and jewelry. Give your home style a boost with new throw pillows and find the perfect gift for that special someone back home.

There is a certain style to life in Troy and The Blue Bow Boutique captures it perfectly.

No matter what time of year you visit there is something fun, stimulating, and gratifying to take part in. Troy, Ohio, captures the hearts of all its visitors with its many delightful shops and events but even vacations can get stressful. Trying to squeeze in as many activities as you can isn’t always easy. Taking a break to stroll the downtown area revives the soul.

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