This Will Be Our Story. #HomeGrownStories

March 1, 2017


The Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau recently underwent a social media audit conducted by Columbus-based marketing firm, Cement Media, which resulted in a new strategy to showcase the many assets of Miami County to newcomers and visitors.

Miami County is full of amazing people, each with stories of how this rural county in Ohio affected their lives. What brought them here? Why do they stay? What makes them love this place and raise children here? What brings people back? What is their STORY?

Loosely based on the phenomenon of Humans of New York (@HumansofNY), we bring you #HomeGrownStories; images and stories from the people of Miami County, those who live here, those who visit, and those who simply love this place.

Whether you grew up in Miami County or just assumed it was a carbon copy of every other rural county in the Midwest – we’ve got news for you. The Miami County you remember is being captured in a new way. The events you heard about are worth checking out, and the vacation you’ve been dying for is more accessible than you think. When it comes to Miami County, Ohio – you probably think you have us figured out. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

“While your hometown may be the place you cannot wait to escape from when you are young, Miami County is a different collection of cities. With a buzzing food scene, locally sourced products, and open arms to entrepreneurs, Miami County is no longer a place to outgrow,” stated Diana Thompson, Executive Director.

With the help of blogger and storyteller Courtney Denning of, we will launch this campaign in early March and continue it throughout 2017 with approximately two stories per week. Courtney brings valuable experience to the team as a personal blogger as well as a professional social media expert with Winans Chocolates and Candies.

We have already lined up many interesting people for interviews and we can’t wait for you to read, and share these stories. Look for the hashtag #HomeGrownStories and find us online!

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