National Tourism & Travel Week – Travel Matters to Families

May 11, 2019

Contributed by Deann Bechtol
Communications Coordinator
Miami County Visitors & Convention Bureau

This year’s National Travel and Tourism week ends on a note about how travel impacts America’s Families.

Family vacations are some of the fondest memories of childhood: 62% of adults say their earliest memories are of family trips, which shows the lasting impact vacations can have. Whether a trip is out of state or 30 minutes from home, for many families, it doesn’t matter where they travel as long as they are together. – Sarah Shields, Director, Industry Communications, U.S. Travel Association.

That being said, I am so delighted to share some of the wonderful places here in Miami County that can have an impact on the well-being of families.

Being together in a place like Brukner Nature Center, makes a huge impact on families. Sharing moments on the hiking trail, seeing wildlife, and experiencing the great outdoors gives endless opportunities to bond with nature and each other.

Families of young and older children (and of all ages) get a hands-on experience at the WACO Air Museum. The WACO Aircraft Company was the largest manufacturer of civil aircraft in the country in the late 1920’s and early 30’s and the museum is dedicated to the plant and the employees that made it great. In addition to preserving aviation’s past, the museum is also dedicated and actively works to nurture aviation’s future which has inspired many young people to learn even more about aviation.

Miami County is full of rich history and another place a family can visit is the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency. Explore the lifestyle of one family on the Ohio frontier, the development of agriculture in Ohio, and the rise and fall of Ohio’s canals. This is one place in Ohio where you can see all of these parts of Ohio’s past tied together as they were in the time this was happening.

There are so many choices in travel for you and your family in the USA, Ohio and even Miami County. Take the time to get out and explore with your favorite people, your family. Create new memories with them and have some fun!

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