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October 24, 2017

October is the time when Miami County gets a little spooky! Shawn Denoyer is one of the organizers and storytellers of the Ghost Tours of Troy. She does most of her historical research at the Troy History Library in downtown. Next weekend costumed storytellers will tell the haunted history of different downtown buildings. Every year the tour is different, as there are too many spots to include in the approximately one-hour long tour.

Shawn Denoyer, on ghost stories and spirit activity in downtown Troy:
The building at 405 SW Public Square in downtown Troy was known as Beehive Corner in 1874. Daniel Brown built the 3-story building in 1856. It was heavily remodeled in 1910 due to an arsonist setting the building on fire. This building hosted dances, had a roller skating rink, and rooms for the Grange Hall. The most recent renovations took place in the 1990s. The building now houses many businesses and offices. Some of which include the Troy Community Room, the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce, and Around About Books.

There has been a lot of spirit activity in the 405 building, especially in the third-floor community room. People have reported seeing a mist on the floor around the doorway. It is not uncommon to find cold spots when you walk in the room. This has happened to us as a group. We were in the room and left for a short period of time. When we went back into the room it was freezing cold. The temperature dropped very quickly.

People often hear footsteps following them or upstairs when no one is there. Some people have said that if you stand outside and look up at the community room you may see a man in the window. That spirit is named William and he is known to walk around this whole area. There were two Williams who were known to have spent time in the 405 building. William Barbee was from a family of contractors in the Troy area. William was also the name of a physician. Around About Books used to be a physician’s office. It was interesting how they found out his name. During an investigation they asked the spirit “what is your name?” and a book fell off the shelf that said “William.” During a different investigation, someone recorded an EVP (electronic voice phenomena). The EVP said, “William just got hit by a horse outside.” William often appears as a full-bodied person. He doesn’t look like what we imagine ghosts to appear as.

Other spiritual phenomena have included a heavy rose fragrance and a disembodied female voice has been heard on the upper floors.

Around About Books is in the 405 building. The store has been a pharmacy, a doctor’s office, and a shoe store. Some of the spirit activity has included cold breezes and cold spots. Lights have been to known to flicker on and off. Books have literally flown and fallen off of the shelves. Footstep sounds are heard when no one else is around. The spirit William seems to hang out in the literature room. The chairs in the bookstore have also moved. Once all the chairs were found facing the wall. The employee who opened the store had closed the night before and did not move the chairs that way.

Other buildings that have experienced haunting include The Morris House and Redmens Lodge. Mojos Bar & Grille has also had some spirit activity. When they were renovating the building they heard a lot of knocking on the wall. They had a video from their security camera of a ball of light moving across the bar. When the ball went over the bar the ceiling fans started to run. When the ball of light came back, the ceiling fans stopped moving. They still sometimes hear knocking and the sounds of people moving upstairs, though no one is upstairs.

The Ghost Tours of Troy started when we teamed up with Troy Ohio TV 5 to share ghost stories about a few places downtown. We included Around About Books and Redmens Club and a few other places here and there. That’s when people started coming forward and sharing their ghost stories. It grew from there. We change it up every year because there is so much to talk about.

The history in Troy is amazing. There’s a lot of Civil War History here. The Morris House was The Lollis Hotel and Civil War soldiers were allowed to stay there for free. There was a Civil War Recruitment Office in the Coleman-Allen-Saidleman Building. Troy Community Works is located there today.

The part I enjoy most is digging into the history. I already have the stories of the haunting and as I research it all starts to come together and make sense. It’s very interesting. I like to say that in the ghost tours we tell you the history and haunts of downtown Troy and we tell you the stories of the “other side” of downtown Troy.

Ghost Tours of Troy
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The 2017 tour will take place on Friday, October 27th from 7pm to 9pm. Saturday, October 28th from 6pm to 9pm. Tours last approximately 1 hour and occur in rain or moonshine.

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