#HomeGrownStories – Darrin Michael

July 25, 2017

Darrin Michael, the owner of Michael Web Solutions, has lived in Miami County nearly his entire life. His company creates websites and content for many local businesses. You may follow some of those businesses on social media! Darrin’s wife, Liana, is also from Piqua. They have a 7 month-old daughter, Harper, and a dog named Link (short for web link).

On life in Miami County:
I have been a Miami County resident most of my life. My family is also from the area. I didn’t live in Miami County while I attended Bowling Green State University and right after I was born. After marrying, my parents (both from Piqua) moved to England. My father was serving in the Air Force at the time and was stationed there. A little while after I was born, they moved to an Air Force base in Florida before returning home to Piqua.

I am married and my wife and I had our first child this past year – Harper. She is a little over 7 months old now. My wife, Liana, is also a lifelong resident of Piqua. She is active in the community and currently coaches the varsity volleyball team at Piqua High School. We brought home a dog from the local animal shelter this past year. His name is “Link” which is short for “web link” because it ties in with my business. He is our unofficial mascot. He is pretty much my sidekick at all times and goes with me about everywhere unless I’m working.

On his business, Michael Web Solutions:
I started Michael Web Solutions 5 years ago. We focus on everything and anything when it comes to digital marketing online. We do everything from website design to social media marketing to digital video production and more. We like to think of ourselves as “Content Creators” for business owners. We help them when they don’t have the staff or time themselves to manage their online presence.

I started Michael Web Solutions as a side gig on top of my main position. At the time I was serving as an eCommerce Director for an area automotive/RV dealership. I left that position about three years ago. It was also right before I was about to get married. I made the leap and made Michael Web Solutions my main focus. After a short while, I brought on a partner who also happens to be a long-time friend, Graham Kindell.

On the community response to Michael Web Solutions:
So far we’ve been very fortunate to have a good response from the community. When it comes to businesses that do online marketing there aren’t many local options. Because of this, we were able to jump on board early in the game which was a huge advantage. Our clients like having the opportunity to work with someone local. They don’t want to have to play email or phone tag with a company half way across the country. I love working with local businesses! Some of our clients are places I went to or shopped at when I was growing up.

What he loves most about Miami County:
It’s a split between two different things. First, I love the huge variety of beautiful and unique county parks we have! I take a lot of photos in our line of work and I also enjoy doing it on the side as a hobby. Miami County has a lot of parks, bike paths, and hiking trails, especially when compared to other areas of Ohio. I never have a shortage of things I can photograph. The county park district is celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2017. That’s pretty cool!

I also enjoy the large selection of restaurants the county has to offer. I am a huge food nut and Miami County has some cool and unique dining establishments, from small mom and pop places to fine dining. It’s great that we have so much variety to choose from. In recent years the number of food trucks in the area has grown as well. There are even more Miami County dining options to get excited about!

How Miami County is different from other places he has visited:
Miami County is home to me. I’ve not lived too many other places but I have visited plenty. While I enjoy traveling there is something about the place you are from and call home. It makes it so much more special than anywhere else you may live or visit in life.

His Miami County recommendations for out-of-town visitors:
To visit one of our awesome parks and then go have a bite to eat at one of our great restaurants! Miami County has some great cities to visit. Be sure to explore the downtown areas. They feature very old and historic buildings with beautiful architecture. I like to tell visitors to the area, especially ones who enjoy bike riding, about the parts of Ohio’s bike path system in Miami County.  The biking scene in the county has a whole has become huge in the last 10 to 15 years. It wasn’t as popular when I was growing up so it’s been something very cool to watch evolve over the years.

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