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August 29, 2017

Cory Breth, a Tipp City transplant, is a singer-songwriter and a Spanish teacher at Tippecanoe High School. Cory started singing at a young age and learned to play guitar while singing ten years ago. Since then he has recorded two albums and is working on his third. He has opened for Twenty One Pilots and played during Mumford and Sons’ Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Tour in Troy. He has also played several local festivals including the Strawberry Festival, Tippapalooza, and the Tipp Mum Festival.

On moving to Miami County:
I received a teaching job in May of 2012 at Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City. I went to a job fair at Bowling Green State University where I studied and Tipp City was there. I had never heard of the town but I interviewed with them and felt a connection right away. I am so thankful I interviewed with them. My wife, Mary, and I moved to Tipp City a year ago and we love it here.

On teaching in Tipp City:
There’s nothing quite like it. The students are great, the staff is supportive, and the community is invested. I use immersion to teach my students Spanish and I have the best students! They are engaging, motivated, and receptive to new ideas. My biggest classroom challenge is challenging my students.

I have great relationships with a lot of the teachers, especially in my department. I have enjoyed being a part of the theater program, the girls’ soccer team, and Spanish Club. I am going to be helping with Student Senate this upcoming school year which is exciting. Not only am I supported with my teaching, I have the school community’s support with my music as well.

How he got started as a singer songwriter:
I have been singing ever since I can remember. I sang growing up: elementary school-programs, karaoke contests, talent shows. I then started pursuing a singer-songwriter career in college. I played in the dorms and that ignited a passion for songwriting and performing. I have spent a decade pursuing a singer-songwriter career.

I would call my music folk or Americana at this point. Some of my friends have been calling it “folk-n-roll” recently. My style is a blend of folk, alternative, pop and soul music. My hope is that there is something for everyone in my music. Whether it’s the story-telling, melodies, or the composition, I attempt to be transparent in my lyrics. I want to bring joy to people through the songs but I also want to be honest. I want my music to include a multitude of themes. From pain to love, hope and joy to forgiveness, loneliness to redemption. Every song is a piece of my heart and a snapshot of what I’ve experienced and who I am.

I am independently recording music with a friend from Bowling Green, Danny Humbarger. I should be releasing new music this coming Fall 2017. I play at Harrison’s in Tipp City, Leaf & Vine in Troy, and surrounding coffee shops. I will be playing the Tour De Donut, Rock the Bike Music Fest event this coming September in Troy. I plan to tour soon. I want to sing for people and share my songs.

On the community response to his music:
The response has been overwhelming. I have great local support, I have played a ton of venues in Miami County and I have been a part of a bunch of events. It’s amazing how gracious everyone has been the last 5 years in this area. I FEEL the support from the community. I’ve had surprising turnouts for my album release shows and the tour I did this past spring. The community not only says “yes” to my ideas, they have invited me to be a part of things. I am truly blessed to be a part of this community and grateful for the opportunities it has given me. The community has gotten behind my music and I hope that continues.

What he loves most about Miami County:
I love the people. They are so gracious, active, and supportive of my dreams as well. I am very thankful for the people here and the musical opportunities they have given me. I also love that there is always something going on in Miami County!

How his community inspires him:
The people of Miami County truly care. They care for their cause. They strive for excellence. They are selfless and giving. Small things are important to them. They care that people show up to events. They have been willing to give me a chance. It’s inspiring to see so many people being open to trying new things, working hard, and keeping things fresh. There is a sense of love, hope, and passion in Miami County. I love being a part of that.

His Miami County recommendations for out-of-town visitors:
I recommend taking in any of the downtowns. They are beautiful and I love the energy! You have to experience the Troy Strawberry Festival and the Tipp City Mum Festival. Make sure to go to Grounds for Pleasure or one of the many Winans cafes for your coffee experience. The Hotel Gallery does Open Mic nights and they are a blast! Everyone is always welcome at my home church, Cornerstone Piqua. The Lucky Lemonade concert series at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center is a must. The Mayflower always has something great happening. I love eating at La Fiesta, La Piazza, Marion’s, Hinder’s, and Harrison’s. Trojan City Music is my favorite stop for anything music related.

Cory will be on the Dayton City Paper stage in Troy for the Rock The Bike Music Festival on Friday, Sept 15th at 5:45 pm followed by The Floorwalkers at 7 pm. Check out the entire lineup HERE.

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