WACO Aviation Lecture Series: The Cold War, The Berlin Airlift and the Candy Bomber

May 18 • 6:30 - 8PM


WACO Air Museum
1865 S County Rd 25A | Troy, OH 45373

The Cold War, The Berlin Airlift and the Candy Bomber

WACO will conclude the Lecture Series with a talk that is sure to interest ALL ages.  On Wednesday, May 18th, John Jannazo will present a program titled “The Cold War, The Berlin Airlift and the Candy Bomber.” This interactive presentation will weave the story of Col Gail Halvorsen, and his story as part of the Berlin Airlift, June 1948 to May 1949.  Jannazo will review and discuss one key event in the chronology of the Cold War, and how no matter the war, cold or hot, it is not about the many factors involved; it is all about people the war affects. Based on the true story and children’s book “Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot” by Margot Raven, the speaker will review how one man’s bold idea helped those most affected–the kids of Berlin.  The talk is suitable for all ages and will involve an optional, but fun, audience participation activity (hint: it involves chocolate).

John “Jazz” Jannazo, served 21 years in the USAF, with over 3400 hours in multiple fighter aircraft with worldwide assignments, including the F-106 Delta Dart and the F-15C Eagle, and combat tours in the Southwest Asia theater. In addition to his time as a fighter pilot and squadron commander, Jannazo also had extensive experience in the development of new fighter technologies prior to transitioning to industry. He has a master’s degree in Modern US History, has been an adjunct professor for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with their Aviation History section, and is currently a consultant to several major defense-based corporations.

This lecture is free and open to the public; donations to WACO Air Museum are gladly accepted.  Lectures are held in the Willis Wing of the WACO Air Museum at 1865 South County Road 25A in Troy, OH. Doors open at 6:30 and the program begins at 7 p.m. Programs are scheduled to last one hour with questions to follow.    For questions, please call 937-335-9226 or visit www.wacoairmuseum.org.  This program is sponsored by Collins Aerospace.