Autumn Equinox Exhibit & Presentation at Brukner Nature Center

September 26, 2019 • 7 - 8PM


Brukner Nature Center
5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd | Troy, OH 45373

Autumn Equinox Exhibit & Presentation “Resurrection of the Wild” by Deborah Fleming
with the iconic art of Charley Harper

Doors open at 7:00pm for you to enjoy a glass of organic cider and delicious autumn fare as you enjoy the iconic wildlife art of Charley Harper and his unique view of wildlife and wild places, not through realistic paintings, but by means of stylized drawings and paintings that capture the essence of his subjects using the fewest elements – minimal realism. He liked to joke that he doesn’t count the feathers of the birds he paints, just the wings. His different perspective on the world always includes a little humor and mystery and aims to help us want to preserve the natural treasures that remain.

At 7:15, we’ll settle into our seats for an engaging presentation by author Deborah Fleming, who has lived in rural Ohio and cared for its land for decades. Her new book shares fourteen interrelated essays, blending her own experiences with both scientific and literary research. Resurrection of the Wild is filled with lyrical meditations into life on Fleming’s farm, the impacts of mining and drilling industries, fox hunting, homesteading, and Ohio’s Amish community. Fleming finds that our very concept of freedom must be redefined to include preservation and respect for the natural world and her book ultimately, becomes a compelling argument for the importance of ecological preservation in Ohio.

All proceeds from this event, including the sale of Harper Art, will support our mission of wildlife conservation.